The Tabloids Thought Bradley Cooper Had A Romantic Lunch With Lady Gaga, It Wasn t Lady Gaga

Get the Full StoryAll the fans of hoping for the first hour and twenty minutes of A Star Is Born to become real before the love story goes south and see Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper become a real life couple, will just have to keep waiting. People thought that they might be finally seeing some progress on their strange need to watch two strangers enter into a relationship of which they will have nothing to do but alas they were mistaken. It seems that Bradley was not having a romantic lunch with GaGa while in France it was just 60-year old male artist, Guggi. I mean, easy mistake.

The Sun says that 44-year old Bradley sat down for a snack with some fabulous super famous types, like Bono. While at the Chateau La Coste in Provence, people were snooping but they weren t doing a very good job of it, if you ask me. Since everyone is gossiping about how Gaga ruined Bradley s marriage, they were visualizing instead of looking with their actual eyes and some gossip sites got some bad info.

Some gossips picked up stories about how Lady Gaga was in France with Bradley and Bono, but the thing is she wasn t. The person lunching with them was 60-year-old Irish male artist, Guggi real name: Derek Rowen. Guggi is apparently a lifelong pal of Bono and is a painter and sculptor who founded the cult goth band: Virgin Prunes. So very similar to Lady Gaga.

A source told The Sun:

Bradley hasn t seen her in months. He is good pals with Bono and met up with him and his friends, who include Guggi. He s just trying to enjoy a break in the sun.

Here s the pic that they think shows Gaga and Bradley but it looks like a bunch of blurry caucasians to me:

Bradley Cooper s romantic getaway with Lady Gaga was a case of mistaken identity as he was actually with the artist Guggi, 60 https: 0IcBr0iLg0 zTgDAEjgDA

The Washington Time Post washington_time August 18, 2019

So they thought Gaga was the old dude with the long white hair and round glasses. I mean what a drag, can you imagine being a vibrant 33-year old who sometimes dresses in laminated meats and then being mistaken as a 60-year-old man? Rude.

Sorry you thirsty CooGa shippers: you ll have to keep your lust to your fan fiction for now Gaga might have a new man in her life and she s also not the man at lunch with Bradley. But Guggi might have just also earned himself a new rumor: now that we know it s not Gaga at lunch maybe Bradley is dating him. If he s going to date Anna Wintour, then why not an Irish sculptor?



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